Can you explain the booking procedure for classified ads in the Samay Dainik?


Samay Dainik is one of the few Nepali language newspapers in India. Booking advertisements with Samay Dainik has been made easy with our organisations releaseMyAd. To book your classified ads in Samay Dainik you will have to log in to our website and click on the Book Classified Ad Tab. Then you simply need to follow the guidance below and choose the following:

·         Category: You will have to decide which category you want to advertise in. We have a plethora of categories like recruitment,  matrimonial, education, remembrance, property, obituary etc

·         Ad Type: Text Classifieds/ Display Classifieds

·         Newspaper: Samay Dainik

·         Location/ Edition/ Special Packages: The rates according to their editions or locations are available here. The discounts and special packages are also to be chosen from here.

·         Compose Ad: You will need to compose your ad at this stage. Preview samples and add enhancements here.

·         Specify Heading & Sub-Heading: Choose your headings and sub-headings at this stage.

·         Select Dates: At this stage you need to select your dates for the release of your ads.

·         Make Payments: This is the final stage of your ad booking process. We have a variety of offline and online payment options to choose from.

Once your booking process is complete and the media house approves your ad, you are ready to release your ads.

Or you can call us at 09830629298 or write to us at to discuss the booking process of Samay Dainik.

Post date: 03/07/2015 - 08:33AM

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